Basic description of a crane operator

A Basic Description of a crane operator   
Crane operators service and operate the hoist and swing equipment used to move machinery and/or parts and material at construction sites, industrial yards, ports and other locations. Crane operators manipulate a number of pedals and levers to rotate the crane, and raise and lower its boom and one or more load lines. They often perform all or some of these operations simultaneously. Crane operators use a number of different cranes to lift cargo, machinery and other objects to relocate erect or deconstruct. The weight that cranes carry is usually from a few thousand pounds to 10 tons or on occasion more than 100+ tons.

Boom truck operators operate hydraulic booms that are mounted on trucks and are capable of moving very heavy loads.  Accordingly, mobile crane operators service and operate booms which are mounted on crawlers or wheeled frames. 



What types of industries/career fields rig and use cranes?  

Ship Repair Industries ● Construction ● Long-shoring ● Utilities (Electric, Phone, Cable & Water) ● Landscaping ● Roofing ● Plumbing ● Building Maintenance ● Manufacturing Plants ● Power Plants ● Wastewater Facilities ● Roads Maintenance ● Steel Erection & Welding ● Oil Refineries ● Rail Transit & Transportation ● Elevator Maintenance and Installation ● HVAC Repair and Installation ● Solar Technology & Wind Turbines Installations and Repairs ● Etc

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