Signal Person Qualification Certification

Signal Person Qualification Training and Certification

OSHA requires that rigging and crane operations utilizing a signal person must be performed by a Qualified Person.  This formal qualifying class provides the signal person with skills and knowledge related to rigged loads, job set up, crane movement, site knowledge and general lifting & handling procedures.  There is both classroom lecture and hands on exercises.

Meet all Federal OSHA safety requirements
(1) Know and understand the type of signals used. If hand signals are used, the
signal person must know and understand the Standard Method
(2) Be competent in the application of the type of signals used.
(3) Have basic understanding of crane operation and limitations, including crane
dynamics involved in swinging and stopping loads and boom deflection.
(4) Know and understand the relevant requirements of signaling.
(5) Meeting the requirements through a verbal or written test, and through a practical test.

  • Communicate and give signals
  • Blind lift practical training
  • Maintain control of the load during operation
  • And keep a clear load travel path
  • Understand the dangers / hazards of crane operations

Classes are held weekly:   Monday – Saturday 8am to 8pm

Call for an appointment and/or more information:    

  • Flexible schedule and can be done at the companies location.
  • Large Group Discounts may apply
  • Financing may be available


  • Written Examination and graded by a Qualified Instructor 75% or more to pass
  • Evaluated by basic practical exercises related to the rigging competency level

* Evaluation, documentation, certificates and cards are provided the next business day
* Record keeping of all training are kept with LHS VTAC. Copies can be provided
* Custom company schedules and evening classes are also available
* LHS VTAC CERTIFICATION Exam Fees and study material included