How to apply for a Hawaii Crane License?

Hawaii’s crane operators license is the Hawaii State HMOAB Certification card regulated by Hawaii Machinery Operator Advisory Board.

To apply, fill out the fill out the Application for Certification (Revised Oct. 2014)  and mail in your completed form with check payable to “DEPARTMENT OF LABOR.”

AddressHawai’i Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board
c/o Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
830 Punchbowl Street, Room 321
Honolulu, HI 96813

Do not email your application.  You must mail it with your $50 application fees and  2 forms of Government issued ID (Driver’s License, TWIC, Passport, Hawaii State ID, Military Identification, AOA, or a notarized copy of Birth Certificate and/or Social Security card).  Alona with the following.

Along with the application:

A current JPEG picture of yourself (for your certification card) must also be sent to

A current applicable (DOT) Medical Physical Certification is also required

A valid National Crane Operator Certification card such the NCCCO, CIC , or the NCCER.  Certification is based on the crane type and category you are certified for.  Signal person qualifications and qualified rigger certifications can also be placed onto HMOAB certification card.

Additional info about the application:

The application asks questions relating to any criminal history, substance abuse, physical and mental conditions.  Any misrepresentation or omission may be sufficient grounds for the denial or revocation of a Hoisting Machine Operator’s Certificate and punishable under the laws of the State of Hawaii.  

A box in the application also asks about previous accidents and it also states that All accidents must be reported to the Office of the Director of Labor and Industrial Relations within 24 hours.  


$50 Application fee

$500 Certification fee once approved
($100 per year for up to 5 years)

$500 Renewal fee and application every 5 years

All application and certification fees are non-refundable.

12-48-11 Fees. (a) An applicant shall submit a completed application to the director with a $50 application fee. (b) Upon receiving notice that an application has been approved, an applicant shall remit a $500 certification fee to the director within thirty calendar days. For certification periods of less than five years, the certification fee for each year or portion of a year shall be $100. (c) Renewal applications shall be submitted to the director and accompanied with a renewal fee of 500. (d) All application and certification fees shall be non-refundable. [Eff 7/30/12] (Auth: HRS §396-4) (Imp: HRS §§396-4, 396-19)

Go to Hawaii Crane Law for more information and to download PDF