Crane Inspection General Rules

  • All tests and inspections shall be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Regular inspection

  • Inspection procedure for cranes in regular service is divided into two general classifications: Designated as “frequent” and “periodic” with respective intervals between inspections as defined below:

Frequent inspection: Daily (during and prior to shift) to monthly intervals.

  • DESCRIPTION: Any deficiencies such as listed shall be carefully examined and determination made as to whether they constitute a safety hazard:
  • Crane hooks with deformations or cracks. For hooks with cracks or having more than 15 percent in excess of normal throat opening or more than 10° twist from the plane of the unbent hook.
  • Rope reeving for noncompliance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Cranes not in regular use – A crane which has been idle for a period of one month or more, but less than 6 months, shall be given an inspection conforming to requirements of a frequent inspection.

Periodic inspection: One- to 12−month intervals, or as specifically recommended by the

  • Crane which has been idle for a period of six months shall be given a complete inspection (periodic) 
  • Standby cranes shall be inspected at least semi-annually in accordance with requirements of
  • Cranes exposed to adverse environment should be inspected more frequently.