Power Line Clearances

For lines 50kV or less, the operator must keep all equipment parts and personnel at least 10 feet awayPower Line Clearances

  • For lines above 50kV, this distance increases by .4 inches for each kV over 50Kv
  • Avoid storing materials under or near overhead power lines.


Voltage  Minimum clearance in feet
up to 50

> 50 to 200

> 200 to 350

> 350 to 500

> 500 to 750

> 750 to 1000

> 1000

10 feet minimum

15 feet

20 feet

25 feet

35 feet

45 feet

contact the utility owner

Crane assembly 20 feet minimum


(nominal, kV, alternating current)
While traveling—minimum clearance distance
up to 0.75
over .75 to 50
over 50 to 345
over 345 to 750
Over 750 to 1,000
Over 1,000
contact the utility owner


  • Acknowledge the presence overhead lines before you start.
  • Operate equipment at a slower-than-normal rate in the vicinity of power lines.
  • Exercise caution near long spans of overhead power lines, since wind can cause the power lines to sway laterally and reduce the clearance between the crane and the power line.
  • Exercise caution when traveling over uneven ground that could cause the crane to weave or bob into power lines.
  • Keep all personnel on ground well away from the crane whenever it is close to power lines.
  • Prohibit persons from touching the crane or its load until a signal person indicates that it is safe to do so.
  • All overhead power lines shall be considered energized until proven otherwise.
  • Contact the owner of the lines to determine the voltage of the lines and request the lines be de-energized and grounded.
  • Lift from the least stable areaand land load in the most stable area when working near power lines.


 If Your Equipment Makes Contact with Power Line

  • Stay on the equipment and wait until the line is de-energized by the power company
  • If you must leave the equipment, such as in a fire, jump clear and attempt to land with both feet together. Do not touch any part of the equipment when contacting the ground
  • Shuffle away from equipment in small steps while keeping feet together
  • DO NOT allow anyone on ground to come near or touch the machine. Warn personnel to stay away from the machine.
  • Never touch a person who is in contact with a live power line. Call for help and get power line de-energized.