About CraneHawaii



CraneHawaii.com is a website dedicated to Crane & Rigging Services and Training through companies like Ventula Crane & Rigging, Inc. and LHS VTAC – Lifting and Handling Specialist Vocational Training and Certification.  We are recognized as a trade school by the Hawaii State Department of Education that provides Crane Operator and Rigger Qualification training that also specializes in Job Ready training for individuals seeking a career in the Construction and Ship Repair Industry. Made up of both retired and working professionals in the industry with a mission to support and advance the training needs of Hawaii’s workforce. Our instructors are trained certified instructors by the Federal Government with training methods that will equip the student in the least amount of time possible.

All of our instructors are trained and documented qualified.  Licensed instructors by the State of Hawaii Department of Education, College degrees from the University of Hawaii regarding the subject matter, Practical Crane Examiners, Certified Crane Operators and Qualified Riggers with 40+ years experience in the field of Lifting & Weight Handling operations.  Experience ranging from light construction to lifting and handling nuclear fuel for the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.  Our instructors are qualified evaluators and meet all Federal Standards and requirements.  Program has been reviewed by HIOSH and an approved course by the Hawaii Department of Education and was previously approve by the Hawaii Department of Labor Workforce Development Act.   We have conducting Crane & Rigging training classes as a private company in Hawaii since 2002.


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In the event of a heavy storm or extreme weather emergency where it is unsafe to operate, class will be rescheduled for the safety of the students and instructors. REFUND POLICY:  There are no refunds once class has been booked and paid for.  Missed classes is unacceptable unless determined acceptable by employer due to work.  Make up sessions can be scheduled.