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Information on how to rent a crane in Hawaii:

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Not many know the how to rent a crane. Here is some information on terminology, requirements and what to expect when looking for the right crane rental for your job or placing a bid in Hawaii.  Majority of this information is applicable to the rest of the country.

  • You may not know what type of crane to rent which is normal but you should at least know the weights of the items needing the crane for.
  • Always refer to the heaviest and farthest distance or highest reach making sure that all other lifts would be within that range. This will help in getting the correct quote and equipment.
  • Hawaii has more than one island.  Barged equipment is possible but costly if unnecessary.
  • Crane rentals come with a qualified and certified operator along with maintenance service and fuel.
  • Bare rentals are rentals with no provided certified operator. Maintenance may be provided
  • Not all cranes are eligible to be bare rented.
  • Crane operators must have a Hawaii State HMOAB Certification.
  • Port to port charges means the service charge clock starts from the crane yard and ends on return.
  • A Mob or Mobilization is a charge to and from job site due to any special transport, permits, personnel for set up, police escort, etc.
  • Larger cranes or non highway type equipment may charge a mobilization or transport fee.
  • Minimum hourly charges can sometimes be 8 hours minimum or 4 hours for smaller equipment.
  • Lifting capacity is determined by radius, angle and boom length.
  • Radius is measured from the center of the cranes rotation to the center of gravity of load being lifted
  • Lift height not only includes the height of where item is lifted or landed but also factors the height of item being lifted, length of rigging gear and crane hook assembly.
  • Be sure that ground conditions can accommodate the weight of the crane and weight of the load.
  • Be aware and inform of any obstacles affecting the safety of the lift such as power lines.
  • Riggers and signal personnel must be qualified to hook and unhook a load
  • Crane operators & Signal persons are available for CALL 808-781-2152
  • Hawaii State General Excise Tax for Honolulu (Oahu) is 4.712%
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