OSHA Crane Law


Crane & Derick in Construction Final Rule is a final standard expecting to OSHA.gov to prevent 22 fatalities and 175 non-fatal injuries each year.  You may follow this link to read entire rule.  Some previsions have been modified from the proposed rule.


  • Employers must comply with local and state operator licensing requirements which meet the minimum criteria specified in § 1926.1427.


  • Employers must pay for certification or qualification of their currently uncertified or unqualified operators.
  • Written certification tests may be administered in any language understood by the operator candidate.
  • When employers with employees qualified for power transmission and distribution are working in accordance with the power transmission and distribution standard (§ 1910.269), that employer will be considered in compliance with this final rule’s requirements for working around power lines.
  • Employers must use a qualified rigger for rigging operations during assembly/disassembly.
  • Employers must perform a pre-erection inspection of tower cranes.